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Center for Defense, Energy & Geopolitical Research (CEDEG)

The Center for Defense, Energy & Geopolitical Research (CEDEG) has been established as Research Organization of PROMAHOS ATHINA PC, to serve the sharing of knowledge and meditation among readers, no matter their expertise or academic background, but fully committed into what we could call “unbiased and integrated as possible research attitude”. The scientific field is narrowed down to Geopolitics and Energy focus on the wider Middle East and the entire Eastern Mediterranean area, under the perspective that this specific geographical area somehow is constantly generating a huge affection over the politics developments for all the other parts of the world.

We hope you will find these web pages useful, especially regarding:

The Greek-Turkish relations.

The Israel-Iran-Arab world complications.

The Middle East roots and roads of Energy loads highly needed world-wide.

The patterns that characterize internal decision making in the Mediterranean and Middle East countries.


We would be very interested in receiving your views and feedback on the contents of this website, including suggestions for improvements. It would be a great pleasure for us to develop a constructive and fruitful discussion over the dynamic changes that prevail in our geographical neighborhood, ruling out the peace or crisis establishment in and out of our country. Please do let us know what you think via the “Forums” and the “Contact us” sub-pages.


Head of the Center is Ioannis Vidakis, [Commodore (ret.) Hellenic Navy (Supply Corps), PhD University of the Aegean, Chios, Greece and member of the Institute of Energy of South East Europe – ΙΕΝΕ]. Director of the Center and Coordinator of its Writing Group is George Baltos (PhD candidate, University of the Aegean). The Centre cooperates with the Geographic Information Systems, Geo-Economy and Geopolitics Laboratory, of John Karkazis, (Professor, Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport, University of the Aegean and President, “Constantine Porphyrogenetus Int. Ass.”, Chios, Greece),



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The opinions expressed in this website are the personal views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the positions of CEDEG.

Headquarters of CEDEG:

Gladstonos  3 PC 10677 Athens, Greece, 3rd floor office no. 6



Ioannis Vidakis,

Prof. Hlia 74, P.C. 144 51, Metamorfosi, Athens, Greece

: 0030-6977215924