The academy for strategic analysis

The Academy for Strategic Analyses (ASA) is an independent non-profit scientific and re- search institution, based in Athens.

The main task of the ASA is the development of scientific work and activities in the field of Strategic Studies, Defense, Security and Foreign Policy, the elaboration of scientific analyses, research and studies, as well as the provision of specialized advisory and educational services to public bodies, private sector and to individuals in those articles, at national, European and international levels.

In this framework, the Academy’s activities are developed within scientific areas, such as:

  • a. Analysis of strategic environment
  • b. Analysis of the Defense and Security Policy,
  • c. System analysis, technology and economy,
  • d. Operational research, command and control.

ASA already counts more than 170 high-qualified members, academics, military officers, diplomats, and other high-profile scientists. The 60% of them are PhD diplomas holders and the rest hold Master degree diplomas.


ASA’s brochure (pdf)

Academy for Strategic Analyses

10, Feidiou str, 10678 Athens, Greece