Learning methology

A variety of learning methods will be used throughout the week-long course:

  • Presentations and battle analyses delivered by field experts;
  • Case-studies analyses;
  • study visits;
  • Workshops, simulation with active participation of attendees.


Participants will have the opportunity to visit, during the course, some of the most famous battlefields of history – Marathon, Thermopylae, Salamis, and Plataea – and examine the conduct of the battles.

The analysis of the battles will take place in the exact battlefields they actually took place. In addition, visits to the relevant museums are also included: the Athens War Museum, the Hellenic Maritime Museum, the Marathon Museum, the Thermopylae Museum and the famous Acropolis Museum.

A group of military historians and specialists in battle analysis, strategic studies and geo- politics are gathered together to re-enact the historic battles of the Greco-Persians Wars, exactly where they actually took place.