Course content

“HERODOTUS” is an interdisciplinary course that combines history, strategy, geopolitics, warfare, international relations, leadership and cultural studies.

As such it provides a comprehensive examination of the 5th c. BC conflicts between the Greeks (Hellenes) and the Persian Empire, in relation to the modern geostrategic environment of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East.

The course will cover:

  • The geopolitics of the ancient Mediterranean and the geopolitical importance of the Eastern Mediterranean – Middle East strategic environment in the course of History. The grand strategies of the Greek city-states and the Persian Empire.
  • Spartan and Athenian Leadership as the catalyst during the Greco-Persian Wars –

Α comparative analysis of the Leaders

  • The origins of the conflict and the main campaigns, the morphology of the battle-fields, the conduct of the battles, the tactics etc.
  • The ancient weapon technology, the ancient Athenian triremes and their technology.
  • Visits to battlefields, archaeological sites and relevant museums.